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11 Creative Excuses You Must Stop Now

It's time to stop the negative inner chatter and say a big hell yes, to everything you've been holding yourself back from.

Thanks to studies completed by the University of Stanford on what makes a person guaranteed to be successful. Professors have broken down the age-old question into one simple sentence. The strength of people’s convictions in their effectiveness is likely to affect whether they will even try to cope with given circumstances and situations. In other words, the deeper self-belief you cultivate around your art, the more likely you are to take it to the level that you dream of.

We’re all human, we all have flaws, fears, and failures. That’s all part of human existence but to achieve the future you continue to envision, learning how to rewire, recreate the limiting beliefs and excuses that you have picked up from your own experiences or the collective.

How you deal with setbacks, adversity and learn to shut out the noise of the below is exactly what separates the successful from the ‘Gonna’s.’

Do you find yourself buying into any of the below excuses? And how are you going to act today, to shut the little inner critic out, and steer yourself away from safety and closer to exactly where you want to be?

1. I’m unmotivated/ uninspired

Then change it. Write a list of all the things you want to do. Write a list of all the little things you love to do, that light up that magnificent smile, that gets you out of the day today. What are the things that warm you up inside, that get your mind back into that free-flowing abundant state that you love?

2. I don’t have time

One hour is 4% of your day. How many hours are on your daily screen time?

3. I don’t know what I’m doing

Here’s a little secret, none of us do. To learn, to progress, to fail, to develop takes action. Act on what feels right, let yourself be dragged towards the path of less resistance, and gift yourself that fleeting moment, to commit, to start.

4. That wouldn’t happen for someone like me.

But have you tried? Have you tried to fail? Have you tried to succeed? Have you watched yourself fall and learned to climb back up? Or are you still watching your life from the side lines, waiting for your dreams to turn to play? The thing is, it never will if you don’t show up for it. Remember, the successful ones are the ones that inhabit a deep belief within themselves. Find yours and hold onto it tight. You are deserving, you are worthy, and your desires were implanted into you for a reason, pursue them.

5. I must make money

Your passions do not have to be your income. If you want them to be, great go for it work hard, keep your day job in the meantime and never give up. I believe in you. If not? That’s just as great. Neither way is more or less worthy. And even though you have a job, you can still find the time. Heck, you must find time, because this is your time. And time is all we have.

6. I’m not a creative person

You, yourself are a creation, you see when your mum and your dad… I won’t get into it. But as human beings it is in our nature to create, it doesn’t have to be in the usual ways we’ve always seen creativity (see next excuse.) it has been proven that within each human brain possesses neurons that fire creativity. The hard part can be found where yours are most valuable.

7. I can’t paint, write…. Etc

Living a creative life does not need to be a direct reflection of what is considered ‘art’ within our society. To create simply means to bring something into existence. So what’s your thing? What are you going to create and leave behind on your time here?

8. I don’t know anyone in the industry

Said almost everyone ever… to get to where you are sitting right now, reading this blog, you had to do the thing, meet the people, go for the interview, study the course. Start putting yourself out there, follow your path and you’ll be surprised how the right people will find their way to you. But you can’t sit in the darkness, you must knock on the doors, speak with confidence in who you are and go get your dream, boo! Remember life is magic, see here.

9. I come from (insert random small town)

Cool. Have you heard of Zoom? Instagram? Facebook? LinkedIn? Twitter? TikTok? Heck, MySpace is still kicking. You see there’s this glorious thing called the internet, and it connects the planet.

10. I’m too old/ young / (insert all the things you believe you're too much or too little of)

You’re never too old, you’re never too young, you’re never too much, you’re not enough. You are you, and that’s what makes you perfect to this planet, and born with the unique desires, dreams, and ideas that are yours, they’re there because you must pursue them, you must share them. There’s no such thing as regrets while we’re still alive and well because, at any moment, we still have the chance to change the ending.

11. I don’t know enough

Great, that means it’s time to learn. A simple google search of ‘how to …’ can link you to many great short in-depth courses to get you started on your path.

Some of my favourite online creative courses can be found on the following websites:

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