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Five YA Books Every Adult Will Love

As a young adult writer, I may be bias but I personally find so much joy in finding a beautiful book that can be loved just as much from one generation to the next. I think that's when you know you're onto a winner.

If you've got a secret love with the young adult section or if you're yet to dapple over in that side of the store, if you’re looking for a new story, something more playful, fun, and mysterious, check out this list of my five young adult faves.

I devoured this book in three days. I have a love for anything magic and Illuminous satisfied both my taste with five stars. Illuminous took me to a fantasy world of witches, tapestry, and forbidden magic. Illuminous is the story of Liora, who has been forced to hide her magic all her life in fear of the King’s Warlock and how he uses the magic of others to grow his own power. Illuminous is a beautiful coming-of-age story of Liora learning the extent of her own powers in both the light and the dark. Highly recommended Illuminous for some otherworldly magical escapism.

Think: If Deadpool was a space cadet out in space in the year 2380. That’s how I would explain Amie and Jay’s Character, Tyler Jones anyway. Tyler is the head of the space squad of wildly fun 3D characters, but the alien warrior, smart-ass tech wiz, and sociopath scientist that make up his crew are the least of his worries. His biggest challenge, is, of course, a girl. A wildly hilarious, fun sci-fi adventure. Aurora Rising is the first of three books in the Aurora series that I cannot recommend highly enough, and you don’t need to take my word for it. One Google search of the Aurora Rising series will lead you to thousands of fantastic reviews and is at the top of most YA Sci-fi book lists. The best thing about Aurora Rising is there’s more where it came from with follow-up books in the series – Aurora Burning and Aurora’s end.

The Corpse Queen is deliciously decadent for any lover of a little horror. Personally, I’m more of a YA horror kind of girl than diving my eyes deep into a Steven King novel. With YA, it’s something you can dabble in with a little more fun, whilst still being able to sleep at night. Yes, I know, I’m weak when it comes to the gory stuff. The Corpse Queen is centered around 17-year-old, Molly Green who joins her aunt in the illegal business of grave robbing. Witty, dark, and deliciously devilish. The Corpse Queen takes you on a journey underground with an ending you never saw coming.

The Sound Of Stars is my type of sci-fi. Alien-Human love and a futuristic world that have you questioning, what would the world be without art? Without creativity? Without music or books? The Sound Of Stars is set in a world, where humans no longer reign supreme as the Ilori has taken over. 17-year-old Ellie Baker finds herself in an ilori-controlled centre in New York City, where emotional expression can be grounds for execution. The Sound Of Stars is a feel-good read that will have you falling more in love with the wonders of creativity, imagination, and the expression of art. And book two 'The Kindred' is coming...

If you’re feeling a little spontaneous, want to switch up your fave genre and dive into some YA, then there is no better book to dip your eyes in than Ayana Grey’s Beasts Of Prey. Scrumptiously magic, and heart-warming, Beasts of Prey is my top recommended young adult book for 2022.

16-year-old Koffi cares for the magical animals at the night zoo to pay for her family’s debts and secure their freedom. But when the livelihood of her family is challenged by the Zoo’s cruel master. Koffi discovers a power within, that she doesn’t fully understand.

Make sure you grab yourself a copy now so that you’re ready for the second book in the series, Beasts of Ruin due out this July. Oh, and Netflix has bought the rights to Beasts Of Prey too!

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