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Why I Love Writing Stories

Fiction is magic. The fact that something can be plucked from one single passing thought, and bought into existence by the power of language, song, art, is magic. The fact you can take someone on a journey, to places they may have never been, spark thoughts they have never had, and open eyes towards a whole new possibility, through your own creation, that’s magic.

Non-fiction is magic. It’s ideas themselves that expand our world, evolve our race, and improve our way of being internally and externally. The fact that we can share from our own experiences to help another, to spark a thought, plant a seed, or shine a light at the end of a tunnel to each other is nothing but magic.

Dreaming is magic. The fact that while we rest and replenish another world can exist through closed eyes. A world that seems real, a world that could create our future, teach us a lesson, or take us to realms that seem impossible to the logical brain. Yet both systems that exist inside of you are magic.

Life is magic. The fact that everything is uncertain, everything is unpredictable. Yet we can make decisions, commitments, embody deep beliefs, and predict and envision the future, which is magic. The fact that nothing in life is ever too far away, life itself is ever-changing, the fact you’re always one moment away from anything. From meeting that person, from scoring the job, from achieving the thing, from creating the family, from taking your last breath. It's all magic.

Every single person is constantly creating their own story, writing their own chapters, choosing their Goosebumps path. That’s magic.

The very moment that you’re reading this right now is magic. The fact that your body alone possesses more particles of bacteria than there are stars in the entire galaxy is magic. Stop, look around you. Every single thing that got you to where you’re sitting right now, is magic. The people, the possessions, your daily process, and procedures, are all magic that you created. Magic may not always be positive but it’s magic, and there’s a whole lot more where that came from.

That’s why I love the art of writing stories. It’s magic. Two people can have the same ideas, the same thoughts, the same experiences, but no two people will tell or read the same story the exact same way. What one sentence means to the writer, can create an entirely different meaning to the reader. It can spark another thought, an idea, an emotion. The fact a new story idea feels as though you plucked it straight from thin air, and it’s you’re job to give it life, to create. That’s magic. And why all my stories have some little hint of magic, amongst the everyday life.

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