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Adventure Of A Lifetime

Adventure Of A Lifetime




Dive headfirst into a whirlwind of passion, chaos, and a whole lot of sass!

Meet December, a high-strung boss babe who's laser-focused on world domination for her brands (and her heart, maybe). And then there's August, the goofy, nature-loving ranger who swiped right on December faster than you can say "relationship status."

It all starts with one cringe-worthy Hinge date that August adored and December is already trying to forget. But fate has a twisted sense of humor, and these two are bound together in the most unlikely of ways.


Now forced together on a spontaneous getaway, it takes an unexpected turn when they witness a murder before they even reach their destination, they're knee-deep in a real-life thriller.


August? He knows the killer. December? She knows the victim. And now, they're on the run together, trying to dodge danger and heat up the chemistry before they become the next target.

Lovers of Emily Henry and Tessa Bailey will fall deeply in love with this sassy fun romance by Olivia Hillier.

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