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Blood Battle: Book Six of the Darkside Chronicles

Blood Battle: Book Six of the Darkside Chronicles


One dark queen, one scorned ex, one scarred boy, and a web full of deadly supernatural secrets.


A troubled boy, summoned through the tall gates of Vallura, discovers the very secrets of the obsidian essence of the place, and why no one makes it out alive… at least not in the way that they entered.


The final chapter of the Darkside Chronicles unfolds as Stella, The Dark Queen, Kiia, the ex-lover and Liam the man between it all, untangle the final web of secrets. As the multiversal love triangle ignites, which side will you choose?


Prepare for a gripping climax that spans across dimensions, a father's resurrection, and the ultimate resolution of a turbulent love triangle. Elemental beings hold the key to the fate of the multiverse, and in the heart-pounding conclusion of the Darkside Chronicles, the stage is set for a scorching battle that will determine the destiny of all.

If you love enemies to lovers, and love triangles blended within a dark fantasy world. If you're charmed by the dark magic and romance of Michelle Madow, G K Derosa, Scarlett St. Clair, and Stephanie Meyer, add in a touch of sci-fi and you'll devour Olivia Hillier's upper young adult / new adult dark Sci-Fi fantasy series.

The Darkside Chronicles:
Book 1: Black Blood
Book 2: Blood Betrayal
Book 3: Cursed Blood
Book 4: Pure Blood
Book 5: Blood Stains
Book 6: Blood Battle

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