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Blood Betrayal: Book Two of The Darkside Chronicles

Blood Betrayal: Book Two of The Darkside Chronicles


Love and trust or freedom and lust?


Liam,  a pawn in the twisted game of the ice queen, has become the embodiment of her deepest desires. Joining Stella in her deadly plan, they strive to usher in an age of darkness, where humanity will be forever transformed into merciless creatures of the Darkside Universe.


Kiira, Liam's former love, stands as the final hope against the encroaching darkness. Driven by a tenacious spirit, and an undying love. Armed with knowledge that could shatter their unholy alliance, she wages a desperate battle to reclaim Liam's lost soul.

In a world where scars run deep and allegiances are severed, will Liam succumb to the seductive allure of the albet queen, who promises him everything he desires in a new future? Or will he heed the echoes of his past and the whispers of his heart, risking everything to save the love he once cherished?

If you love enemies to lovers, and love triangles blended within a dark fantasy world. If you're charmed by the dark magic and romance of Jennifer L. Armentrout, Scarlett St. Clair, and Stephanie Meyer, add in a touch of sci-fi and you'll devour Olivia Hillier's upper young adult / new adult dark Sci-Fi fantasy series.

The Darkside Chronicles:
Book 1: Black Blood
Book 2: Blood Betrayal
Book 3: Cursed Blood
Book 4: Pure Blood
Book 5: Blood Stains
Book 6: Blood Battle

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