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Blood Stains: Book Five of the Darkside Chronicles

Blood Stains: Book Five of the Darkside Chronicles


In the abyss of my soul, darkness breeds a curse, blood tainted by shadows, taking us to another universe.


In a world where secrets wield unimaginable power and alliances teeter on the edge of darkness, follow the journey of Liam thrust into the enigmatic realm of Vallura.

Summoned through imposing gates that guard a perilous secret, Liam unravels the multiversal mysteries hidden within the obsidian heart of this mysterious place. It's a realm where survival means understanding the sinister truths that lurk in every shadow, and where no one exits unscathed... or in the same way they entered.

Within Vallura, Liam stumbles upon the most enigmatic of them all—the dark woman who after all this time, has been waiting for no one else, but him.

One enigmatic woman, a vengeful ex-lover, a scarred boy, and a labyrinthine web of perilous secrets await. Within this new world that has saved him from his past, Liam must now choose between the love of his life, or the temptations of the new black blooded woman who is refusing to let him go... and so the wild multiversal love triangle of the Darkside Chronicles begins. Which side will you choose?

If you love enemies to lovers, and love triangles blended within a dark sci fi fantasy world. If you're charmed by the dark magic, outer worldly mystery and romance of Michelle Madow, Scarlett St. Clair, and Stephanie Meyer, and you'll devour Olivia Hillier's upper young adult / new adult dark Sci-Fi fantasy series.

The Darkside Chronicles:
Book 1: Black Blood
Book 2: Blood Betrayal
Book 3: Cursed Blood
Book 4: Pure Blood
Book 5: Blood Stains
Book 6: Blood Battle

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