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Pure Blood: Book Four of the Darkside Chronicles

Pure Blood: Book Four of the Darkside Chronicles


Blood thicker than water. Scars deeper than secrets
The two we’ll keep forever. Till death do us part


He got everything he wanted. She lost it all.

Liam’s lies webbed his new life, freedom, power, and now will be bound together forever to his dark Queen. That is if he can pass the deadly rituals her father has laid out for him.

Kiira has become nothing but a binding string in the tapestry of deceit her ex and her new lover created. They destroyed her race and universe, and now due to their previous escapades, many more hang in the balance of complete destruction. But even after everything, the only thing that will stop her fighting for freedom, will be her very own death.


The Queen's deepest secrets, her woven evil and the biggest shock to both Kiira and Liam, sends the two of them together on a journey neither of them wanted or expected. Scars unveil secrets, and blood is thicker than water. Now is the time to pick a side, for Liam and for you.

If you love enemies to lovers, and love triangles blended within a dark fantasy world. If you're charmed by the dark magic and romance of Jennifer L. Armentrout, Scarlett St. Clair, and Stephanie Meyer, add in a touch of sci-fi and you'll devour Olivia Hillier's upper young adult / new adult dark Sci-Fi fantasy series.

The Darkside Chronicles:
Book 1: Black Blood
Book 2: Blood Betrayal
Book 3: Cursed Blood
Book 4: Pure Blood
Book 5: Blood Stains
Book 6: Blood Battle

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