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Again and Again and Again

Again and Again and Again


Have you ever felt tied to someone for reasons that you couldn't explain?

What if it was one person, who was both the reason, the season and the lifetime?


When smalltown girl, Emma unexpectedly crossed paths with Luc, a worldly famous DJ. In one serendipitous encounter, their souls intertwined, igniting a flame that spurred Emma to pursue the dreams she had long tucked away.


Fast forward a year, and their paths cross again, reigniting the old flame and revealing a shared longing neither could admit before. As their feelings grow, Emma and Luc dive into the whirlwind of romance, each finding in the other the partner they never knew they needed.


From both perspectives, their tale unfolds—their fates intertwined in a dance of desire and dreams. But some love isn't designed to last forever, some come in for a reason and some come in for a season. Can Emma and Luc defy the odds and make their love endure for a lifetime?

Again and Again and Again is for lovers of Colleen Hoover, Christina Lauren and Emily Henry. Lose yourself in a swoony and spicy second chance, celebrity romance by Olivia Hillier.

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