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The Author Business Planning Pack
  • The Author Business Planning Pack


    Is your dream to become a fulltime author?


    Do you want to self-publish with success?


    The Author Business Planning Pack helps you harness your biggest dreams and collate them into actionable business plans to make them happen!


    In the Author Business Planning Pack you will receive:


    Overall Author Business Plan Print Out:

    This is where you craft and plan exactly where you want to be from either 1 year, five years or seven years from now. Craft your strategy, your plan and your non-negotiables to achieve your dreams.


    4x 3 Month Author Business Plan:

    Break down the overall plan, to eliminate overwhelm and to know the next best steps to get closer to your overall goal. 


    Your Book Launch Plan:

    Create the exact strategy and success plan when it comes to launching a new book. Gain presales and push towards the top of the bestsellers list.


    A How-To Guide:

    Understand how to use your new tools with success


    An Author Vision Board:

    Never underestimate the power of visualisation when paired alongside an actionable plan. Just like the Author Business Plan this is a place where you can get creative with images of the very big dream that you stated in the plan. 


    Download now to make your full time author dreams a reality.

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