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Awakening: Book Five of the Shadow & Shifter Series

Awakening: Book Five of the Shadow & Shifter Series


Our saving grace will also be the death of us.

When I think back to the moment I met him, I never thought that I would be here. But there was nowhere else I would rather be. And we were about to mark this moment forever.

Dark spirits dissipated, the new earth was here. The world was free and here we were in each other’s arms, completely seen…

At least, that was what I thought… until our Star leader died, the dark spirits spread, reptilians remained, a sickness inhabited the humans leading to unknown causes of death… but that’s only because they couldn’t see what I could see. They couldn’t remember what I had begun to remember.

If there was ever a time a Starseed was needed, it was now. The final breaths of humanity rested on our choices and truths.

Move over vampires, angels & demons. There’s a new race in town. Starseed is the first book in the mythology, shadow & shifter series, and the beginning of a whole new teenage supernatural adventure.

For lovers of fated mates, fans of Michelle Madow, Jen L Grey and Twilight, will love the urban fantasy/ paranormal romance dark magical adventure series by Olivia Hillier.

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