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Cancelled: Book Two of the Social Games Trilogy

Cancelled: Book Two of the Social Games Trilogy


Our lies become our future.

After unlocking the reality of her world. Alexa finds herself trapped in a whole new lie. She’s lost her family, her friends, and her identity.

Injected with poison, memory loss and with cameras on her every move. Alexa has nowhere to run, hide or speak freely. Alexa has been captured and forced to act as the daughter of the man who took everything away from her. So, she can do the same to everyone else — eliminate all human freedom and let AI take control.

Alexa finds herself fighting for liberation in the futuristic reality, she is now the cause of. Alexa is left with only one choice, follow the lie and play by the savage rules, or risk her life for the freedom of all.

The Social Games Trilogy by Olivia Hillier is for lovers of The Delirium Series, Alechia Dow, Amie Kaufman and Gabrielle Zevin.

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