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Disconnected: Book Three of The Social Games Trilogy

Disconnected: Book Three of The Social Games Trilogy



In a world where the government is an algorithm.
Your social media following determines your freedom.
Block and delete means death.
Getting cancelled exiles, you from society.
How far would you go for likes?


Alexa’s worst nightmare is now in the palm of her hands, she has the power to end it all. That is, until the real heir of Kora Technologies shows up.

After the death of a tech mogul, Alexa and Leo are quick to find out there’s a larger web of secrets and lies he’s left behind.


Alexa is left with the impossible choice, eliminate all technology advancements over the past twenty-five years, or let the AI rule the world.


The Social Games Trilogy by Olivia Hillier is the Matrix meets the Metaverse for lovers of The Delirium Series, Alechia Dow, Amie Kaufman and Gabrielle Zevin.

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