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Manifesting Him

Manifesting Him


If you could have anything you wanted in life, WHAT or WHO would you ask for?

When Daphne, a fierce 22-year-old fashionista, stumbles upon the phenomenon known as Tuned In—a self-help sensation rocking the charts—she figures it's the perfect remedy to ramp up her lacklustre situation-ship.

But after her dream man leaves her heartbroken. Ready to give up on everything that she learned at Tuned In, the very seminar that he told her she should attend. Daphne quickly realises she gained something else, that she never could have imagined.

It all began with a margarita and now Daphne has the power to speak anything that she wants into existence. Enter her two sassy best friends, a wild holiday, a lot of tequila, a chance to work with her favourite fashion designer and a tour with the countries number one band, and very cute lead singer. Daphne and her friends embark on an adventure beyond her wildest dreams.

Which begs the question when you're gifted with the power to turn any words into reality, what would you ask for?

Lovers of Tessa Bailey, Emily Henry & Christina Lauren will love this wildly fun romantic comedy by Olivia Hillier.

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